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Posted on: April 12, 2008 1:09 pm

Left Field and the Letter "B"

Maybe I should just be happy with the Indians' debacle in left field. Just when I thought that having Jason Michaels and David Dellucci share left was the worst decision the Tribe could make, Eric Wedge proves me wrong. Last night, he let them both start! Please, please don't make things any worse. You know, like sign Barroid Bonds and make him our left fielder... I'd hang myself.

Speaking of Bonds, let's discuss guys whose last names begin with "B"... I don't like them. A few years back, I was petitioning to get rid of all of the "B's" on the Indians: namely, Broussard, Belliard and Blake. I never really had anything against these guys... they were just blocking other players. When we got rid of Broussard, we (eventually) upgraded to Ryan Garko. When we got rid of Belliard, we (eventually) upgraded to Asdrubal Cabrera. And now we watch Andy Marte sit on the bench, as Casey Blake plays to the level of our left fielders. Oh, and another "B": Joe Borowski... don't get me started. Replace him with a guy like Betancourt... okay, I guess some of the "B's" are alright.
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